Natural Hair Myths

When one goes natural they are filled with certain expectations built by blogs, websites, youtube gurus, friends and family. While a lot of these ideas are healthy, helpful and accurate there are a few misleading myths that can be harmful to one’s natural hair journey. These are some of those myths:

  1. "My hair will grow extra long now that my hair is natural!" This is one of the biggest most harmful myths in the natural hair community. Your hair will grow at the same rate as it did before. One of the main reasons some people see extended growth then when relaxed is because they tend to take better care of their hair when they are natural. If you already took good care of your hair you may not see any difference in your maximum length.
  2. "My hair will grow back quickly." It may seem that your hair will grow back quickly after your big chop because it’s growing back from being very short but hair grows a fraction of an inch a month so it will take years before you get back to where you were before and due to “shrinkage” you likely won’t see that length in your natural state.
  3. "My hair will look like _________." Do yourself a favor and don’t expect your hair to look like anyone else’s! That’s their hair your hair will look like you! This will save you some grief and money from expecting one type of hair and having another.
  4. "I need all of these products!" watching some gurus 10 minute staple products videos may make you believe you’ll need an army of products to make your hair look halfway decent. But, as I have recently discovered, you need 3 products tops! Shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. That’s it. No really.
  5. "Protective styles will help me to retain length." They can definitely help when done properly but doing them too much or too tight can lead to breakage. They can also lead you to be lazy with your hair and leave them in too long without washing or moisturizing properly which will is extremely unhealthy for your hair.
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